Original Post Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 

Now that we know the background on the original concept of TRL's (Technology Readiness Levels - reference Arlene Minkiewicz's earlier blog post), we now want to address estimating costs associated with different TRL levels. It is important to realize that a model cannot estimate TRL costs by simply changing an input parameter. Rather the only way to estimate costs associated with different TRL levels is to model the scenario. For example, if you are estimating costs for TRL level 2 phase the input parameters would be very different than if estimating costs for TRL level 6. 

PRICE Systems has prepared a white paper, along with web presentation on just this topic. The web presentation can be found on PRICE University, and is available to all clients. If interested in the white paper, please contact Amanda Rivera, at 856 608-7201 or send an email to info@pricesystems.com with "TRL Paper" as the subject.  

Jim Otte
Solutions Architect, PRICE Systems