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PRICE® Overview

Cost Estimating Accuracy, Speed, Transparency, Defensibility, and Standardization

As the most experienced cost estimating company in the world, PRICE® Systems provides agile and accurate estimating solutions. We enable our clients to become better estimators, improve bid success ratio, achieve tremendous savings in analyzing effective alternatives and improving cost management, and be confident in the costs, schedules, and risk estimates of their business cases.

Our Software

PRICE's multi-faceted cost estimating solutions help manufacturers bid more competitively; help buyers maximize budgeting, planning, and purchasing efficiency; and speed the evaluation of beneficial tradeoffs among project variables.

Our Services

Senior cost estimating experts at PRICE Systems help government and commercial clients achieve top down estimating and cost estimation systems integration, and offer a broad range of Program Affordability services.

Our Impact

PRICE Systems' parametric estimating helps organizations streamline their estimating and cost proposal processes to reduce risk, reduce cost, and increase efficiency. For more than 40 years, PRICE has impacted various industries, processes, and functional areas.

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