eLearning Courses for PRICE Cost Analytics

for PRICE-to-Win

Gain Strategic Analysis of “What-if” Scenarios & Competitive Bids

Solidify your data-driven Price-to-Win process and identify a profitable offering with precise cost estimates. PRICE Cost Analytics™ (PCA) harnesses decades of industry research to estimate the effort, cost, price, schedule and duration of your proposed solution – and your competitors’.  Out of the box, PCA is the most powerful “should cost” tool on the market.

Use our six-step implementation process to compare solutions head-to-head and make the most informed decisions:

  1. Assess your customer’s budget constraints
  2. Identify your preferred solution, model for expected cost
  3. Determine competitive discriminators and develop comparative estimates
  4. Review cost rankings and assess possibility for unexpected changes
  5. Identify Price-to-Win based on lowest expected price from competitive analysis
  6. Make any necessary adjustments to approach or design