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Seeing is Believing!

Seeing is Believing!

Proof-of-Value: PRICE Cost Analytics™

Whether a Government Organization, Commercial Enterprise, or eVTOL/UAM Company see firsthand the speed and Predictive Power™ of PRICE Cost Analytics (PCA).  The PRICE® four-step “proof-of-value” process demonstrates the business value of PCA in your environment.  Consider it our investment in your future success. Your only investment is time.

The process:

Step 1

You share your current needs and we share a capabilities overview of the PRICE Cost Analytics solutions in a live, remote “Blue-Angel Fly-By”.

Step 2
Mutual NDA

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed by us and you to protect each other’s proprietary information.

Step 3

A simple discussion helps determine the optimal agenda for the comprehensive, onsite Proof-of-Value demonstration of PRICE Cost Analytics.

Step 4

Your estimate results are presented onsite by a PRICE expert, to demonstrate the alignment of our capabilities to your requirements.

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