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Affordability in a Performance- Based World


Category: White Papers

Today, the Office of Management and Budget measures each program to determine if it will get funded. A higher rating will be received if a performance-based approach has been chosen.


“GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!” Patrick Henry had a very clear statement of objectives. He didn’t have any idea how to achieve the objective, but he figured it would include “taking up arms”. Liberty was achieved within the next few years.

Most of us won’t have to put our lives on the line as we define distinct Statements of Objectives for government procurements. However,
as Performance-Based Acquisitions become more common, it will become increasingly difficult to execute a successful procurement. Many of the tools for success in a performance-based world are still evolving or, in some cases, not developed yet. Surprisingly, some tools are available and are being applied successfully. This paper will describe the successful methodologies used by many performance-based acquisitions throughout the commercial and government procurement processes.

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