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Basic Hardware Estimating II

Customer Content

Author: PRICE® Customer Success Team

Version: 16.1 SR1 (TPC 009)

Category: Training Courses

This module (TPC 009 – Basic Hardware Estimating II) provides the background and contextual information to assist the student in understanding how to effectively use TruePlanning® to create a detailed hardware cost estimate. Included in this session is a discussion of key model relationships for developing a detailed estimate along with specifics of input parameters. The objectives of this session are for each student to:

  1. Know the purpose and characteristics of a hardware detailed estimate
  2. Be familiar with the hardware detailed estimate data requirements and sources
  3. Understand the TruePlanning® Hardware input parameters to derive a detailed hardware cost estimate and their functional relationships
  4. Know which parameters are mandatory and which are optional for various modeling situations
  5. Understand the purpose and basic inputs for the System and Assembly cost objects in a detailed Estimate.