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Challenges in Estimating the Development Cost of Microcircuit Technology — ICEAA 2016

Category: Presentations

Electronics Technology progresses at an incredible pace!  Learn about the progression by seeing the presentation below.

  • Completes an entire life cycle every 3-5 years (on average)
  • Thanks to today’s technologies, the functionality that used to take an entire
    Circuit Card Assembly can now be integrated into a single chip

    • ‘System-on-a-Chip’
  • This has revolutionized not only the technology, but also the design processes and tools used to design these solutions
  • CAE and CAD tools are now integrated, consequently the roles of Electrical,
  • Mechanical Engineers and Designers have changed
  • All of this leads to major challenges in estimating the cost for new electronics/ microcircuit costs
  • This paper looks at some of the more recent changes in microcircuit technology, and discusses some ideas on how best to estimate these costs