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Cloud Computing and Big Data. What’s the Big Deal? – ICEAA 2013

Author: Arlene Minkiewicz

Category: Presentations

Cloud computing is a notion that’s gaining traction

  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under direction of the White House has instructed federal agencies that starting in 2012 they are expected to consider ‘cloud first’ for IT initiatives whenever it makes sense
  • Survey conducted for SafeGov.org in Sept 2011 finds federal agencies working diligently yet cautiously towards cloud computing.
  • Survey conducted by Forrester Research commissioned by BMC Software
    • 327 enterprises in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific were polled
    • 58 percent run mission critical workloads in unmanaged (meaning unmanaged by the company) public clouds
    • 79 percent plan to run mission critical workloads in the next two year


Learn more about Cloud Computing in this presentation below.