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Defendable Estimating I

Customer Content

Author: PRICE® Customer Success Team

Version: 16.1 SR1 (TPC 002)

Category: Training Courses

This module (TPC 002 – Defendable Estimating I) is common between the Hardware and Software training courses, and provides specific guidance regarding the TruePlanning® framework to assist the student in creating valid and defensible estimates. Students are taught how to customize and calibrate their TruePlanning® project inputs to accurately reflect their organization’s capabilities based on historical data and subject matter expert opinion. Part I focuses primarily on customizing the project to reflect actual organizational data. The objectives of this session are for each student to:

  1. Customize a TruePlanning® estimate to reflect the uniqueness of an organization, company, or project based on historical analysis, accounting records, and other data
  2. Apply adjustments to activities, resources, and the project schedule to reflect current or historic organization specific rates, overhead, fees, and administrative costs
  3. Create custom Worksheet sets and rename activities or resources
  4. Apply activity adjustments to the entire project, apply an activity-specific resource requirement multiplier to a resource, and remove all calculated costs for an activity
  5. Apply resource adjustments, including applying a resource requirement multiplier for the entire project, using the Worksheet Set to edit financial factors (such as labor rates, overhead, and profit), and removing all costs for a resource
  6. Use Find and Replace to adjust an input sheet value
  7. Comprehend the meaning and impact of the identified Economic Base Year (in the Worksheet Set) and the Year of Economics in the Escalation Table
  8. Create and edit both “Global Template” and “Current Project” Escalation Tables
  9. Apply Escalation and change from “as spent” to “constant year” dollars.