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Defendable Estimating III

Customer Content

Author: PRICE® Customer Success Team

Version: 16.1 SR1 (006)

Category: Training Courses

This module (TPC 006 – Defendable Estimating III) is common between the Hardware and Software training courses, and contains guidance using the TruePlanning® framework to assist the student in creating valid and defensible estimates via uncertainty and sensitivity analyses. The objectives of this session are for each student to:

  1. Realize the limitations of a “point” estimate and the need to quantify uncertainty
  2. Recognize the definition, components, and uses of uncertainty analysis
  3. Understand the Method of Moments methodology
  4. Gain a basic knowledge of the theory supporting TruePlanning® uncertainty analysis
  5. Comprehend the impact of correlation on uncertainty analysis results
  6. Understand the need and process for sensitivity analysis in TruePlanning®