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Information Technology Budget Template

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Author: PRICE® Research

Version: 260{16.0.6187.2}

Category: Templates

The PRICE IT Budget template is constructed to a Work Breakdown Structure defined by two major Information Systems (IS) life cycle phases: Operations and Development, Modernization and Enhancement Projects. Segments of each phase enable component definition of the hardware, software, IT Support, training, telecommunications, and other components of a functioning IS. This structure is one of several commonly used for IT implementation planning and management. Each object of the template is populated with input values representative of IS hardware, software, IT Support, training and telecommunications. The values are typical of those for a mid-sized organization IS. This template can be used to create examples (called Template Test Cases) to illustrate Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimating of specific IT systems. However, PRICE templates are only intended as solid starting points for quality estimation. They require a degree of tailoring and adjustment to meet a specific instance for use. This could be due to differences in amount of software and hardware types per client, degree of custom application development required, method of meeting enterprise computing needs (e.g. organically or as a service), system upgrade rate, and others.