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Lessons Learned from the ISBSGs Database, Presentation – ICEAA 2014

Author: Arlene F Minkiewicz

Category: Presentations

The International Software Benchmark Standards Group (ISBSG) was formed in 1997 with a mission “To improve the management of IT resources by both business and government, through the provision and exploitation of public repositories of software engineering knowledge that are standardized, verified, recent and representative of current technologies.”[1] They are a not-for-profit organization that has built, grows, maintains and exploits two repositories of historical IT data to help improve the management of IT projects. One of the repositories is focused on Software Development and Enhancement Projects and contains close to 6000 projects; the other is a newer repository focused on Software Maintenance and Support and contains over 500 projects. The ISBSGs is regarded as one, if not the, largest global and independent source of data and analysis for the IT industry. ISBSG partners represent the following countries: Australia, China, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. The ISBSG database represents data from many industry sectors including Banking, Communications, Defense, Manufacturing, Government, Financial, Wholesale and Retail.


Learn more by viewing the presentation below.