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Lifecycle Costs of Software Programs using Agile Methods Presentation

Author: Richard Mabe

Version: 16.2

Category: Presentations

The federal government is aggressively implementing Agile methods and processes for life cycle management of Software systems. This has led to innovative approaches, such as Software factories, and changes in the funding approach for Software systems. In turn, predictive cost estimates used to plan current and future costs for Agile release cycles need to now reflect the cost drivers for these innovative Agile approaches and report costs and budgets consistent with Agile program organization and execution.

This presentation presents PRICE’s research on how best to apply predictive analytics to Agile programs that are essentially “plan-as-you-go”, steady-state processes not well aligned with long-term planning and execution cycles. We present our paradigm for Agile cost estimating, and how we implement Agile approaches in TruePlanning® using model objects based on the organization of Agile teams and reporting costs consistent with Agile methods: the cost to employ teams working at a steady, predictable velocity over short term sprints to deliver minimum viable capability as SW features and releases.

Lifecycle Cost for Software

Using agile methods and processes