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NASA Successfully Estimates New Space Technology

Category: Use Cases

MChris Chromik, a long-time PRICE user and member of the IPAO at Langley Research Center provided independent cost estimates to Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) project from Oct. 2000 through April 2001. Chris attributed his successful application of a parametric model to the totally new interferometry technology to the flexibility of the PRICE Hardware Estimating Model and the PRICE Software Estimating Model to model low level components.

Estimating at a lower level made the process more practical because at the subsystem level there are no technical or cost analogies. Open communication with engineers and analysts at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, TRW, and Lockheed Martin also contributed to the estimate’s completion, and Chris considers this to be a key factor in successfully applying parametric models to the space environment.

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