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Product Release Notes {TP 16.1 to 16.2}

Category: Product Releases

TP16.2 Update 1  (build 16.2.7532.1):


  • Sign all dll files to prevent false positives with antivirus softwares (e.g. Symantec Endpoint Protection).
  • Fix issues with the Category/Link PBS columns on higher resolution displays.
  • Fix mapping import when dealing with WBS nodes that have extra white space.
  • Update calculation log error messages to specify catalog/cost object where there are licensing issues.
  • Fix issues with HL linking conversions when using metric File->Options units.
  • Importing a project from a previous release with saved results now flags that it needs to re-calculate.
  • Fix issues with certain cost objects rolling up to parent Unit Production Cost / Amortized Unit Production Cost metrics.
  • Add units rows to multi-row calculators.


  • Improved calibration performance.
  • Fix TPXL ribbon button states if a user opens an instance of Excel where the start screen is disabled.


  • Add editable mapping assignment grid and allow export/import of those mappings to Excel.


  • Fix automatic application and licensing error shutdown when there is no valid license.
  • Updates to ProPricer file exports to match what ProPricer expects.
  • Fix bug when populating BOE data where multiple items are mapped to first level WBS items.


  • Software – added development process option for “Defense/Space Agile”.
  • Hardware Lifecycle – Added 3 new global inputs (Holding Period for Ordering LRUs/Modules/Parts). Fixed bugs when the length of deployment (in years) is not an integer. Fixed bugs when zeroes are entered into the spread for Number of Operational Hours.
  • Common Elements – added missing descriptions for resources. Fixed bugs with metrics calculations and added metrics when in Cost/Labor Factors mode.
  • Rotorcraft 3.0 – changed all TBO inputs to accept zero value and updated descriptions. Corrected weight algorithm for intermediate gear box weight.
  • IT Services – updated VM and storage prices in their respective calculators.
  • Software Maintenance – fixed error message with low Application New Size input values.
  • Agile Software – fixed a bug in the validation code when there was deleted code. Fixed a bug where burn down rate metric was not getting set until the cost object was run twice. Added burn down rate for custom size units. Fixed issues with Deleted Size trends.
  • Site Survey – fixed an error message when entering economic bear years for the Travel and Living Cost inputs.
  • Assembly, Systems Engineering, Integration Assembly Test and Checkout – fixed a bug where changing O&S labor was affecting Assembly’s Hardware Software Integration (HSI) cost.


TP16.2 Gold (build 16.2.7465.2):

• Link cost objects to one another and auto-populate data
• Expanded sensitivity analysis to allow plotting more types of data
• Perform uncertainty analysis against any numeric cost object metric
• Chart data over time
• Attach historical data file/database to project and use data to justify input values
• Rearranged Edit Favorite dialog to properly group/show settings
• Add categories to cost objects or inputs to identify their status
• Updated Manage Findings dialog terminology and layout to be data set centric
• 1/1/2020 economic update for escalations, currency factors, PPP rates and labor rate update across catalogs
• New TrueBOE reporting product
• New project file export format (*.json)
• Added Maintenance Optimizer in TPXL
• Split Hardware Component and Hardware COTS’ lifecycle estimating into new Hardware Lifecycle cost object
• New Rotorcraft v3.0 catalog
• New Cloud Services options as part of the Infrastructure cost objects in IT Services catalog
• Full release of Common Elements catalog
• Various other catalog improvements and bug fixes


TP16.1 Update 5 (build 16.1.7237.1):

• Updated SSDS add-in to support Software datasheets, define indenture levels for Hardware, and improved error messages
• Fixed crash in Equipment Type calculator
• Fixed issues importing WBS mappings with double digit node IDs
• Fixed issue in TrueExplorer with creating a findings file when the search criteria contains the last row in a project
• Add option to fill Select Inputs/Metrics dialog with columns from current Excel file in TPXL
• Always retain formulas in PBS sheet when clicking OK from Select Inputs/Metrics dialog in TPXL
• Various performance and calibration improvements and bug fixes in TPXL


TP16.1 Update 4 (build 16.1.7082.1):

• Memory management improvements and fixes for opening larger project files
• Various calibration improvements and fixes to TPXL


TP16.1 Update 3 (build 16.1.7047.1):

• Fixes to importing shared findings into TruePlanner
• Performance improvements with validation and calculation of larger projects
• Performance improvements of importing Worksheet Sets via Excel files
• Updated calibration engine to achieve higher precision across all products
• Updates for new Software Maintenance catalogs
• Various improvements and fixes to TPXL
• Various other bug fixes and improvements


TP16.1 Update 2 (build 16.1.6978.3):

• Fixes to spread dialogs
• Sending/retrieving with Microsoft Project when the project has excluded cost objects
• Updated form factor of software size input calculators with add/remove row functionality
• Bulk calibrations in TrueFindings
• Saving window placements and settings in TrueMapper
• Updates for new Software Maintenance and Common Elements catalogs
• Various improvements to TPXL
• Various other bug fixes and improvements


TP16.1 Update 1 (build 16.1.6860.1):

• High resolution display scaling issues
• Updated 2018 economics available to import and use
• Copying/moving cost objects as sensitivity analyzer outputs
• Saving a project with invalid calibrations
• Saving sensitivity chart settings
• Saving window placements and settings in TrueMapper®
• Added inputs/outputs to Folder cost object to mimic System cost object
• Metrics on System/Assembly to capture effort for only those cost objects
• New catalogs for Software Maintenance and Common Elements (both in functional Beta)
• Access to calculators through COM API interface
• Various improvements to TPXL (now in functional Beta)
• Various other bug fixes and improvements