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Product Release Notes {TP 16.1 to 16.2}

Category: Product Releases

TP16.2 Update 6 (build 16.2.7829.2):

  • Number of decimals in cost and labor reports can now be changed without changing the report scaling.
  • Fix other issues with conversions between linked cost objects which have the same current symbol but different countries.
  • Added fringe as an input to worksheet sets.
  • Fixed a GUI issue where the phase set assignment did not refresh on the system folder.
  • Uncertainty results are now cleared if uncertainty is turned off on all applicable inputs.
  • Fixed project import where MCPLXS – Detail calculator has “NaN” values from older, HTML version.
  • Fixed issues when importing standalone worksheet sets and worksheet sets within projects if there are extra spaces in the names or blank cells below the worksheet data.
  • Updated software security certificate signing for higher level of protection (SHA256).
  • Manage larger names for mappings in the Manage Mappings dialog and saved reports correctly.
  • TruePlanningXL – Economic base year units on inputs can now be updated.
  • TruePlanningXL – Added access to saved reports from any cost object in the PBS.
  • Various ModelCenter plugin fixes and addressed ease-of-use issues.
  • Various other catalog improvements and bug fixes.

TP16.2 Update 4 and 5 (build 16.2.7683.1):

  • Updated software security certificate.
  • Updated escalation import to look at specified years and not require all escalation years in the import file.
  • Fix issues with conversions between linked cost objects which have the same current symbol but different countries.
  • Fix issues with saving a project after common element conversion where sensitivity analysis has resulting, invalid information.
  • Various fixes to the sensitivity analyzer companion application.
  • Added missing input links between the various Software cost objects and fixed an issue when linking the Language input where it did not use the appropriate language.
  • Various other catalog improvements and bug fixes.

TP16.2 Update 3 (build 16.2.7619.1):

  • General performance improvements with loading python libraries.
  • Fix uncertainty analysis to maintain input spreads for inputs with uncertainty applied.
  • Fix sensitivity analysis to run on inputs set to autocalculate on a linked cost object.
  • Maintain inputs with inheritance turned off, sensitivity analyzer settings, attributes, activity properties, and input validation on children cost objects when performing a conversion to Common Elements from the system folder.
  • Fix QDV third-party software import/export in TrueMapper with regards to new Edit Mapping grid.
  • Fix issues opening/editing WBS mappings, with double digit node IDs, in the new Edit Mapping grid.
  • Performance improvements in multiple catalogs to address slowdowns from python 3.7 upgrade.
  • Update Assembly, Integration Assembly Checkout and Test, Hardware Component, and Hardware COTS to work with partial production quantities, except when using production units spread over time.
  • Various other catalog improvements and bug fixes.


TP16.2 Update 2 (build 16.2.7579.1):

  • Upgrade TruePlanning® product suite to use python 3.7 and update catalogs accordingly.
  • Fix import when converting older projects to use linked Hardware Components with Hardware Lifecycles.
  • Fix import of older projects with findings data to convert to the latest data structure.
  • Maintain notes and attachments on children cost objects when performing a conversion to Common Elements from the system folder.
  • Move ProPricer export to the Options dialog in TrueBOE®, and generate five total files to import into ProPricer.


TP16.2 Update 1 (build 16.2.7532.1):

  • Sign all dll files to prevent false positives with antivirus softwares (e.g. Symantec Endpoint Protection).
  • Fix issues with the Category/Link PBS columns on higher resolution displays.
  • Fix mapping import when dealing with WBS nodes that have extra white space.
  • Fix issues with HL linking conversions when using metric File->Options units.
  • Importing a project from a previous release with saved results now flags that it needs to re-calculate.
  • Fix issues with certain cost objects rolling up to parent Unit Production Cost / Amortized Unit Production Cost metrics.
  • Improved TruePlanningXL calibration performance.
  • Fix TruePlanningXL ribbon button states if a user opens an instance of Excel where the start screen is disabled.
  • Add editable mapping assignment grid in TrueMapper® and allow export/import of those mappings to Excel.
  • Updates to ProPricer file exports from TrueBOE® to match what ProPricer expects during import.
  • Fix bug when populating data in TrueBOE® where multiple items are mapped to first level WBS items.
  • Added missing descriptions for Common Elements data items.
  • Changed all TBO inputs on Rotorcraft to accept zero value and updated descriptions.
  • Updated VM and storage prices in the IT Services calculators.


TP16.2 Gold (build 16.2.7465.2):

• Link cost objects to one another and auto-populate data
• Expanded sensitivity analysis to allow plotting more types of data
• Perform uncertainty analysis against any numeric cost object metric
• Chart data over time
• Attach historical data file/database to project and use data to justify input values
• Rearranged Edit Favorite dialog to properly group/show settings
• Add categories to cost objects or inputs to identify their status
• Updated Manage Findings dialog terminology and layout to be data set centric
• 1/1/2020 economic update for escalations, currency factors, PPP rates and labor rate update across catalogs
• New TrueBOE® reporting product
• New project file export format (*.json)
• Added Maintenance Optimizer in TPXL
• Split Hardware Component and Hardware COTS’ lifecycle estimating into new Hardware Lifecycle cost object
• New Rotorcraft v3.0 catalog
• New Cloud Services options as part of the Infrastructure cost objects in IT Services catalog
• Full release of Common Elements catalog
• Various other catalog improvements and bug fixes


TP16.1 Update 5 (build 16.1.7237.1):

• Updated SSDS add-in to support Software datasheets, define indenture levels for Hardware, and improved error messages
• Fixed crash in Equipment Type calculator
• Fixed issues importing WBS mappings with double digit node IDs
• Fixed issue in TrueExplorer® with creating a findings file when the search criteria contains the last row in a project
• Add option to fill Select Inputs/Metrics dialog with columns from current Excel file in TPXL
• Always retain formulas in PBS sheet when clicking OK from Select Inputs/Metrics dialog in TPXL
• Various performance and calibration improvements and bug fixes in TPXL


TP16.1 Update 4 (build 16.1.7082.1):

• Memory management improvements and fixes for opening larger project files
• Various calibration improvements and fixes to TPXL


TP16.1 Update 3 (build 16.1.7047.1):

• Fixes to importing shared findings into TruePlanner®
• Performance improvements with validation and calculation of larger projects
• Performance improvements of importing Worksheet Sets via Excel files
• Updated calibration engine to achieve higher precision across all products
• Updates for new Software Maintenance catalogs
• Various improvements and fixes to TPXL
• Various other bug fixes and improvements


TP16.1 Update 2 (build 16.1.6978.3):

• Fixes to spread dialogs
• Sending/retrieving with Microsoft Project when the project has excluded cost objects
• Updated form factor of software size input calculators with add/remove row functionality
• Bulk calibrations in TrueFindings®
• Saving window placements and settings in TrueMapper®
• Updates for new Software Maintenance and Common Elements catalogs
• Various improvements to TPXL
• Various other bug fixes and improvements


TP16.1 Update 1 (build 16.1.6860.1):

• High resolution display scaling issues
• Updated 2018 economics available to import and use
• Copying/moving cost objects as sensitivity analyzer outputs
• Saving a project with invalid calibrations
• Saving sensitivity chart settings
• Saving window placements and settings in TrueMapper®
• Added inputs/outputs to Folder cost object to mimic System cost object
• Metrics on System/Assembly to capture effort for only those cost objects
• New catalogs for Software Maintenance and Common Elements (both in functional Beta)
• Access to calculators through COM API interface
• Various improvements to TPXL (now in functional Beta)
• Various other bug fixes and improvements