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Software Sizing

Customer Content

Author: PRICE® Customer Success Team

Version: 16.1 SR1 (TPC 018)

Category: Training Courses

This module (TPC 018 – Software Sizing) provides background and contextual information to assist the student in understanding how to effectively use TruePlanning® to size software. Included in this session is a discussion of key model concepts for software sizing. The objectives of this session are for each student to:

  1. Know how to use the SLOC Generator (Sizer) to derive a Software Lines of Code estimate
  2. Understand the basic process, steps, and guidelines of “counting” function points, including the terminology used
  3. Comprehend the use of the Function Point Sizer and its operations
  4. Understand the role of the International Function Point Users Group
  5. Appreciate the requirement to have a certified Function Point Counter provide the data inputs when using Function Points
  6. Understand the Fast Function Point Counter
  7. Understand the RICEFW Object to Function Point (RFP) Sizing Calculator
  8. Understand the COSMIC Function Point Calculator
  9. Understand the basic concepts of Use Case Points
  10. Know how to use the Use Case Conversion Points (UCCP) sizing generator
  11. Understand the Functional Sizer
  12. Understand Equivalent Source Lines of Code (ESLOC)