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Software Sustainment: Pay Now or Pay Later

Author: Arlene Minkiewicz

Category: White Papers

With today’s budget constraints, the Department of Defense is likely to build fewer and fewer new systems. In light of this, the systems that we have today will need to be stretched further. This means more time and effort will be going into maintenance. And since many of the systems fielded today rely on software to deliver much of their mission critical capability; it is likely that more time and money will need to be devoted to software sustainment.

The term software sustainment refers to anything that needs to be done to keep a software program delivering its required functionality. This includes many activities; fixing bugs that are identified, adding new features, upgrading software to work in changing environments, addressing technical debt to keep the application structurally sound, retesting the application as changes are made, etc. In some environments, sustainment activities also include things like training and operational support.

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