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Space Missions White Paper

Category: White Papers

TruePlanning for Space Missions emerged through a partnership between SSA and PRICE Systems. The Space Mission models implement a set of Cost Estimating Relationships that estimate robotic Earth and Space Science Missions’ costs of Design, Fabrication, Assembly Integration and Test (AI&T), and Launch Operations, along with the support functions associated with these activities. The Space Component, the heart of the Space Missions models, represents a special implementation of the TruePlanning for Hardware – Hardware Component model. What’s special about this implementation is that it contains input parameter guidance that is specific to space missions. This guidance was developed by SSA through data collection, analysis and calibration of the PRICE Hardware Model and subsequent TruePlanning for Hardware models. Similarly the Space Assembly model is a special implementation of the TruePlanning For Systems – Assembly model which has been adapted for space missions estimation. The Space Component and Space Assembly are used in the model to estimate costs for design and fabrication for both the spacecraft and any payload. The Space Subsystem and Space System models implement CERs developed by SSA for Launch Operations activity costs, Assembly Integration & Test Activity costs, and the costs for the functions (Project Management, Systems Engineering etc.) that support the design, fabrication, AI&T, and Launch Operation Activities.

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