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Survey Flipbook: Model-Based Cost Engineering

Author: PRICE

Category: Reports

How does your organization stack up?

Compare against the industry, based on the latest edition of the Industry Estimation Capability Analysis (ECA) conducted by PRICE® Research, attempts to diagnose the state of estimation health within industry bidding on government opportunities. Drawing definitive conclusions from a survey is risky for several reasons, including the timing and exposure of the survey. By sustaining the survey with periodic updates, universality and relevancy are expected to improve, thereby increasing credibility of survey findings.


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Take the MBCE™ survey allowing you to quickly determine your current cost estimation methods’ strengths and weaknesses—knowledge that is critical to streamlining your estimation process to create a data-driven Basis of Estimates (BOE).


How Does Your Organization Stack-up?

Review 10 take-a-ways from the latest Estimation Capability Assessment Survey Report