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The International Space Station Management and Cost Evaluations Task Force

Author: Anthony A. DeMarco

Category: White Papers

The NASA-led International Space Station (ISS) is a technological marvel and a great feat of international cooperation. The ISS is an Earth-orbiting laboratory drawing upon the scientific and technological expertise of 16 nations: the United States, Canada, Japan, Russia, Brazil, and the 11 member nations of the European Space Agency (ESA). The ISS is a gateway to new space frontiers, a hallmark to United States space leadership, a unique laboratory, and a virtual space classroom. The ISS also is an out-of-control project, one that needs an immediate managerial overhaul to assure its productivity and retain its promise of being a world-class orbiting laboratory. The project is a victim of inadequate cost-accounting measures, a skyrocketing price tag, and an increasingly suspect research agenda given cost overruns and shrinking crew size. All these issues help frame the program as one steeped in controversy rather than as a cosmic gateway to the universe.

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