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United Defense Achieves Measurable Competitive Edge, Proven by Increased “Win Rate”

Author: PRICE® Customer Success Team

Category: Use Cases

Achieves Measurable Competitive Edge, Proven by Increased “Win Rate”–



Develop a cost-modeling tool that will immediately establish credibility with new customers by quickly producing “data-defensible” proposals and cost estimates. This new tool needs to respond fast to complex “what if” scenarios and make proposal and project adjustments seamlessly. Over time, a high “level of confidence” must be maintained through ongoing accuracy of quotes in the prototype, test and production phases, ultimately enabling United Defense to effortlessly execute contracts on time and within budget at all times.


Establish a disciplined cost methodology based on a robust knowledge base of cost management throughout the life cycle of a program. United Defense’s knowledge base is built on an internal history and industry-wide cost data using PRICE tools and consulting best practices.


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