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The “Should Cost” of Automotive Software
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Is the ‘Should Cost’ approach to Automotive Software procurement working?
PRICE® investigates whether traditional procurement processes are working for the next generation of vehicles that are becoming more reliant on software rather than hardware.


By 2030 up to 50% of the cost of any vehicle will be software.
With the continual increase in the reliance on automotive technology, software procurement in the automotive industry is becoming more complex and more challenging.  In The “Should Cost” of Automotive Software white paper we discuss if these changing times call for a change of approach and if so what are the options.


New procurement processes could save 40% on software development costs.
Traditional software procurement discussions tend to favour the vendor, but does it have to be that way?  Review how companies are reframing the situation and enjoying savings of up to 40% of their software development costs, when compared to initial vendor proposals.


PRICE® Research

Since 1975, PRICE® Research has been an integral part of the automotive, aeronautics, space, and defense industry. Our findings and PRICE Cost Analytics™ help develop supervised, predictive models and thought leadership that guide the cost estimating community in the acquisition, extraction, and transformation of their corporate history. PRICE® Research analysts and experts are establishing lifecycle cost models for software, hardware, systems, and IT for organizations across the world.