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The “Should Cost” of Automotive Software

Automotive Cost Estimation Technology


In recent years, the reliance of any new vehicle on vehicle management software has grown exponentially and it is now the vehicle’s software that drives, performance, efficiency and its communication systems.

In fact, with the development of vehicle management software becoming faster, broader in scope and ever more complex, by 2030 it is estimated that 50% of the cost of any new vehicle will be its software.

This puts additional pressure on automotive cost engineers and procurement specialist as existing design and purchasing methods are not appropriate for what is traditionally, in the automotive industry, not a cost engineering discipline.

In The “Should Cost” of Automotive Software white paper PRICE Systems discuss why these changing times call for a change of approach, and how more robust software cost estimation can lead to savings of 40%.

PRICE® Research

Since 1975, PRICE® Research has been an integral part of the automotive, aeronautics, space, and defense industry. Our findings and PRICE Cost Analytics™ help develop supervised, predictive models and thought leadership that guide the cost estimating community in the acquisition, extraction, and transformation of their corporate history. PRICE® Research analysts and experts are establishing lifecycle cost models for software, hardware, systems, and IT for organizations across the world.