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A Legacy of Market Credibility in Parametric Estimating

Optimize Tomorrow Today.®
Generate Reliable Results from Scientifically Refined Historical Data

PRICE® Systems, a pioneer in the science of parametric estimating, has been researching cost estimating software and cost management strategies for more than 40 years, and is trusted by more than 350 government, defense, and commercial organizations—including some of the largest in the world. 

Today, PRICE® Research specialists are extending that insight into cost management practices with new ways to integrate data-driven credibility into all phases of program life cycles, based on scientifically analyzed and modeled parametric estimating data that has delivered proven performance. 

  • PRICE cost estimating software clients accelerate estimating time from weeks to days—citing a 30% to 60% reduction in bid proposal cycle time and costs.
  • PRICE’s estimating analysts have more than 300 years of experience helping organizations use parametric estimating to generate and manage credible project estimates.
  • PRICE® Cost Models are refined from data based on more than 11,000 programs and subsystems and more than 10,000 software projects. Some of that data includes programs related to PRICE’s early history as a business unit in multiple government-contractor organizations—including RCA, GE Aerospace, Martin Marietta, and Lockheed Martin.
  • PRICE Cost Model data covers small components through large-scale systems—including ground equipment, sea-going vessels, and aircraft ranging from military and commercial fixed-wing aircraft to helicopters and unmanned aircraft, as well as systems and concepts, electronics and microcircuits, and IT hardware/software installations.
  • Today, PRICE® Estimation Systems Integration support gives users the ability to integrate their own historic project data—along with PRICE Cost Model data—in the PRICE® TruePlanning® framework, to elevate confidence in their cost estimating and cost management.