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The fact that your project is agile is not, necessarily, a cost driver – Nesma Webinar

Upcoming Webinar June 30th — https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_RJuuiJWPTUuKS9Nr9UIHDg

Lots of new and ongoing software projects are embracing agile best practices. From an estimating perspective, the fact that a project is agile appears to create confusion within some factions of the cost community. There appears to be a conundrum related to the fact that there is a, potentially significant difference, between an agile software project and a more traditional software development project that has adopted some agile best practices. A project which is truly agile – i.e. where the organization executing the project is committed to delivering working software on a regular basis – rather than delivering software when it meets some minimum set of requirements – does not require an estimate. The size of the team, the length of the iterations (or sprints), and the schedule are pre-determined – the cost/effort is just a simple mathematical exercise. Confusion ensues when the project team declares the project is agile but still has obligations to deliver a specific set of capability within a certain schedule. In this case an estimate can be a valuable tool to guide the project schedule and plan, but it is important to understand what agile practices are being employed and how they might impact the project. Join me on June 30th to learn more about the difference between a ‘utopian’ agile project and the more common project where some agile best practices are employed to improve productivity or quality.