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Trends in Affordability Engineering

Across our client base, in response to their customer’s requirements, we see a strong emphasis on Model-Based Engineering or “Digital Thread” to increase speed, quality, and reliability – and deliver products with less risk and lower lifecycle cost. As Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) relies on modeling and simulation technology, it is essential to treat cost as a design parameter.

To effectively integrate cost engineering within the MBSE environment, a true Systems-of-Systems Model-Based Cost Engineering™ (MBCE™) capability dynamically links cost, schedule, and uncertainty to the technical requirements and allows rapid iteration and analysis of the trade space.

Fundamental to Affordability Engineering methodology that ties the cost solution to the trade space is a true Model-based Cost Engineering™ capability.  When evaluating MBCE™ solutions, look for a capability that includes a framework that integrates historical data, predictive models, activity-based costing, economics, rate decks, uncertainty, schedule and other ecosystem applications (MBSE for example).  Most important is a provider that has expertise in process integration.  After all, “a fool with a tool…”

To hear more about how organizations implement effective Affordability Engineering, Raytheon Technologies Bill Williamson is presenting a webinar on April 21st to discuss Affordability best practices and standards, including exploring the trade space for optimizing cost/performance. The link to register for this webinar is found here.