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Software Maintenance is a Reality

Software is pervasive in our lives.  Very few things that we do are not aided in some way by a software application.  I drive a Toyota Prius PRIME – it is a plug in hybrid automobile – with both a  battery and a gas tank – and not only does it tell me where to go and how to get there  – it also tells me when I am out of power and where the closest gas stations are.  My car is not smart but the software that runs in it is.

The thing about a life powered by software is that, as we all know, software is not perfect – it has bugs and there are features that are not complete or that need to changes as technology and the world changes.  Software maintenance is a reality.  Often times, especially when we’re talking about software development by the DoD and/or the Department of Defense, software has a long lifecycle and the costs/effort associated with maintaining that software is more significant than the original development cost.

As cost estimators, we need to be able to figure out not only how much it costs to develop a software application, but also how much it will cost the customer to keep that software operational throughout its lifetime.  On October 20th I will be presenting a webinar to talk about the improvements that have been made to TruePlanning® for Software to better address the costs of Software Maintenance.  This model covers all aspects of software maintenance for home grown components, Commercial off the Shelf Components (COTS), and the assemblies that tie all the software together over the life of the application.  The activities covered by this model include:

  • Corrective Maintenance (fixing bugs in requirements, design and code)
  •  Adaptive Maintenance (changing the application to continue operating in a changing (hardware and software) world
  •  Preventive Maintenance (changing the software to address technical debt)
  •  Perfective Maintenance (adding new features or improving existing features as user need change)
  •  Configuration and Tailoring (keeping existing capabilities functional as COTS and other furnished software is upgraded)


This upcoming webinar will discuss the new model and walk through how the cost drivers in this model drive the cost/effort estimates that it delivers.  An example test case will be presented to show how the model delivers results and how these results can be used to support defensible estimates for the entire lifecycle of a software intensive program.