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One Year Down… My first year working for PRICE®

After working at PRICE® for almost a full year, now is a good time to reflect on my experience thus far. After graduating from college in May 2019, I was applying to multiple jobs at different companies, in varying industries, in various locations, and in different capacities. I chose this opportunity with PRICE® because I knew it would allow me to grow and keep learning every day. Being a Cost Research Analyst also allows me to use my mathematics and computer science degrees every day.

Working in Research & Development helps expand my knowledge in many different topics instead of being focused on one single subject. I have been able to work on projects in the commercial, government contractor, and government sides of the business. Many interesting topics have come across my workload including Information technology cloud research, NASA CADRe, learning about economic updates, simplified function points, extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL), and the data initiative.

I have learned a lot from coworkers and others in the industry throughout the last year. I have attended multiple webinars on topics such as Cloud Migration and analyzing data with Power BI. I even able to present a handful of webinars in public events, and private customer only meetings. I have learned different methods of data collection, data analysis, and data validation. Coworkers who have been in the industry longer than I have are giving me advice based on their experiences and what they have learned throughout their time so far. This might sound corny, but I learn something new everyday.

PRICE® is a small business, which is another reason I chose to work with them. I had applied to jobs at large companies and small companies, and the biggest difference for me between the two was the personal connection. Smaller companies allow you to learn more about your co-workers. Getting along with co-workers can make for a much better experience in the workplace. After interviewing with PRICE®, I knew it would be the perfect fit for me. I’ve gotten to know my coworkers on a more personal level, and it makes me enjoy signing into work even more.

One year later and I know joining the PRICE® family was the right choice for me.